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by Rapjoint Lagos


Love Joints

By DJ Daggash

by Rapjoint Lagos

Love Joints

by Rapjoint Lagos

It sounds a bit ironic to talk about love joints (songs) in the same sentence as rap music. Yes, rap is notorious for celebrating violence and over-the-top misogyny. 

Nonetheless, love is a well-documented theme in the genre. The theme of love has helped rappers to crossover into the mainstream and reach radio-friendly audiences: LL Cool J, Heavy D, Nas, Method Man, and many others. 

I must confess that I had fun curating this playlist as I had to struggle whether to categorize some songs as battle/diss or love joints. Consultation with a fellow raphead on the apt categorization of “Break Ups 2 Make Ups” by Method Man feat D’Angelo goes:

“Me: Is this a love or diss joint?

Raphead J: It’s a bit of both. A tumultuous and maybe destructive relationship. The verses say one thing the hook says another.

Me: D’Angelo was going mushy but Meth was abusing the life out of the lady! “Slut Committee”??

Raphead J: Lol. That’s typically how those relationships play out.

Me: Abusive!! So, it goes to Battle/Diss category or love joint?

Raphead: Mehn, this one na Jamb question o! At a push, I would say love. It’s warped but it is what it is

Me: Abusive love?

Raphead: 100%.

Me: Calling someone’s circle of friends “Slut Committee”? Eyen o bosi naw. But she be ex-girlfriend

Raphead J: Yeah, I am putting the entire song in context. What I hear is a love/hate relationship. The break-up and makeup cycles.

Me: O deep.

Raphead J: I hate you when we are together but can’t live without you type yarns

Me: True. Why Meth sef dey call the chick? Na ex guy. Going for a rebound? Needed to revisit the locus in quo”

The other songs in this love/hate category that I struggled with were: “Trials of Love-Prodigy”; “Bye Baby-Nas”; “Round & Round-Jonell & Method Man”. You can find unconditional love in: Undying love-Nas; I’ll be there for you-Method Man feat Mary J. Blige; Ryde or Die B****-Lox; Can You Get Away-Tupac

And, there are songs on chatting up ladies: "Hey Lover" LL Cool J feat Boyz II Men; “Excuse Me Miss”-Jay-Z and others.

We hope you enjoyed the playlist as much as we enjoyed curating.

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Love Joints Playlist

  1. I'll Be There For You / You're All I Need To Get By (feat. Mary J. Blige) - Method Man
  2. Break Ups 2 Make Ups - Method Man
  3. Hey Lover (feat. Boyz II Men)  - LL Cool J
  4. Doin’ It - LL Cool J
  5. Around the Way Girl - LL Cool J
  6. Ryde or Die, Bitch (feat. Drag-On & Eve) - The Lox
  7. 03' Bonnie & Clyde (feat. Beyoncé Knowles) - JAY-Z & Beyoncé Knowles
  8. One More Chance / Stay With Me (Remix) - The Notorious B.I.G.
  9. K-I-SS-I-N-G - Nas
  10. Undying Love - Nas
  11. Cherry Wine (feat. Amy Winehouse) - Nas
  12. Getting Married - Nas
  13. Ain't No Nigga (feat. Foxy Brown) - JAY-Z
  14. Song Cry - JAY-Z
  15. Excuse Me Miss - JAY-Z
  16. Part II (On the Run) [feat. Beyoncé] - JAY-Z
  17. Trials of Love (feat. B.K. A.k.A. Mz. Bars) - Prodigy
  18. Temptations - 2Pac
  19. Can U Get Away - 2Pac
  20. Beautiful (feat. Pharrell & Uncle Charlie Wilson) - Snoop Dogg
  21. Heaven Ain't Hard 2 Find - 2Pac
  22. Fuck Friendz - 2Pac
  23. Do for Love - 2Pac
  24. Soon You'll Understand - JAY-Z
  25. I Get Around (feat. Digital Underground) - 2Pac
  26. Touch Myself (feat. T-Boz) [Remix] - Richie Rich
  27. Come On (feat. MCLyte) - Billie Lawrence
  28. How's It Goin' Down - DMX
  29. 21 Questions (feat. Nate Dogg) [feat. Nate Dogg] - 50 Cent
  30. Ruffneck - MC Lyte
  31. Ms. Jackson - Outkast

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  • A very good read. The efforts made into research shone through in the piece with balanced commentary on the albums perceived impact on the culture and the writer’s personal experiential standpoint.

    Gbolahan Opeodu on

  • Methodical diss!! Methikal

    Martin Abraham on

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